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Probate lawyer

A probate attorney can help go through the probate process. Know more about how to save money and don't be in stress after the death of a loved one

What is probate? Probate is a legal proceeding that happens after someone dies. The court makes sure that the person’s will is followed and that their property is given to the people they wanted it to go to. So first, probate is a process. And this is the main difference between probate and will, which is a legal document that deals with the estate administration of a deceased person. Probate is usually overseen by a judge and involves distributing the deceased person's assets to their heirs. 


Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process, so it is important to have an experienced attorney to help you navigate it. If the deceased person left a valid will, the executor named in the will is responsible for carrying out the instructions in the will. Probate is much easier when the person who passes away has a last will and testament (ссылка) that names the beneficiaries and an executor. Thought out to the smallest detail, an estate plan (ссылка) or living trust (ссылка) can help someone's loved ones pass through the loss easier. Estate planning is the process of creating a plan to manage your finances and property while you are alive and distribute them according to your wishes after you die. It can also help to minimize taxes and expenses. So probate and estate planning can be powerful tools for planning future life for the whole family. 


If there is no will, the court will appoint an administrator to manage the estate. The administrator will follow the state's laws for distributing the assets. The probate process can be complicated, so it is important to have someone on your side who knows the law and can help you navigate the process. A probate lawyer can help executors or administrators of an estate to settle the estate and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries. They also help beneficiaries who are contesting the will or estate. 

The probate process can be complicated, so it is important to have someone on your side who knows the law and can help you navigate the process.

A probate attorney is responsible for handling the legal process of a person's estate after they die. This includes ensuring that the person's debts are paid and that their assets are distributed according to their wishes. The attorney may also have to deal with disputes between heirs or beneficiaries. The probate attorney may be responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Managing life insurance proceeds

  • Searching and defending all the decedent's assets

  • Giving advice on how to pay the decedent’s debts

  • Preparing necessary documents demanded by a probate court

  • Determining if any property or estate tax is owed






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